Facebook Messenger Personal Assistant M for You

Facebook has announced a new feather M for Messenger. M is a digital personal assistant build into Messenger. It can your independently for you like a personal assistant for you such as buy things, make travel arrangement, make restaurant reservations, buy ticket, hotel booking, deliver gift to someone you want or just anything else you ask it to do.

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Google Became Alphabet

Google has now introduced new company named Alphabet. This new company will look after all Google project and Google also will be under Alphabet. So now Google is a company like other project Google+ and Gmail or YouTube. These all company CEOs will work independently how ever they will report to Larry Page, Alphabet CEO. Larry Page will look after all its project and help these CEOs.

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New Logo of Google

Google has redesigned its logo with modern touch recently. Google did the perfect job with its world's best designer where you will find something different. Google has changed its logo several times after launched and this is time demand.

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Find to Whom You have Sent Friend Request but it is Still Pending

There are a lot of freind request pending on my Facebook. Normally when I get any friend request, I try to requagrise the person at a glance. If I can recognize and think that I need to connect the person, I accept the request strait the way. If I can not recognize and think it is not acceptable I ignore or I do not do anything. Maximum time I do not do anything and kep it for further information so it become pending.

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Apple iPad Air Tablet

On October 22 Apple has introduced two new iPads in a special event in San Francisco. This amazing iPad is coming on store on November 1. So this is Apple's important week in the challenging market.

Apple iPad Air tablet designed for new generation with 9.7-inch retina display.

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Creating a Software Portable

You all know that how important is a portable version version software. If you have a portable version of software, you do not have any hassle of installing software to your PC. You can open it just double on it by mouse cursor. You can carry it any where by a USB pen drive. So it is very easy to use.

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