Google Became Alphabet

Google has now introduced new company named Alphabet. This new company will look after all Google project and Google also will be under Alphabet. So now Google is a company like other project Google+ and Gmail or YouTube. These all company CEOs will work independently how ever they will report to Larry Page, Alphabet CEO. Larry Page will look after all its project and help these CEOs.

Google Alphabet
Alphabet has announced for Google’s big dream and to make the company bigger and meaningful, Alphabet formed. New Alphabet’s CEO is Larry Page and President Sergey Brin. After Launching Alphabet, Google’s new CEO appointed Sundar Pichai. They hope it will take their companies next level. It will help all these project more meaningfully.



From Friday, 2nd October 2015 this is affective and Google Inc has became Alphabet. All it share and some other services is now running under the umberalla of Alphabet.

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