New Logo of Google

Google has redesigned its logo with modern touch recently. Google did the perfect job with its world's best designer where you will find something different. Google has changed its logo several times after launched and this is time demand.


Normally people do not want change. So when anyone first see this changed logo they may not like this but gradually when the will be used to with this then defiantly it will be the best one to them.

After joining new CEO, Google may be got some new things to refresh its structure. The new CEO also will try to show his new things on it. This logo designed with all Google color in G and it is designed with a specialist’s team of Google. On this logo sans-serif font is used. By overlapping sans-serif font, the regal tails and curly-cues font departed from Google's traditional serif font.

Google's logo change history will be found on Google Doodle. You can see previous all changed logo from there.

google re design

From Friday, 2nd October Google is going to be Alphabet.

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