Create Bootable USB Pendrive

There is an easy way to make your USB pendrive bootable. By a bootable pendrive you can install windows very easy and short time. No need a CD for installing windows to your PC. More over you can install windows to your computer if you do not have a CD drive.

So learn today how to make a USB pendrive bootable.

1. At first enter your USB pen drive to your computer.

2. Now go to run and type cmd and press enter

3. You will se a black popup. Here type diskpart and press enter key.

4. Now type list disk and again press enter.

5. From disk list, select your disk number. That’s mean type your pen drive number. If it shows 1, type 1 and press enter.

6. Now type clean and press enter again. And follow below words and do same.

7. Create partition primary.

8. Select partition number.

9. Active.

10. Format FS=NTFS. Now wait after pressing enter. Your USB pendrive is being format.

11. Assign.

12. Exit and press enter.

Now your pendrive is bootable.

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