Find to Whom You have Sent Friend Request but it is Still Pending

There are a lot of freind request pending on my Facebook. Normally when I get any friend request, I try to requagrise the person at a glance. If I can recognize and think that I need to connect the person, I accept the request strait the way. If I can not recognize and think it is not acceptable I ignore or I do not do anything. Maximum time I do not do anything and kep it for further information so it become pending.

When I get enough time, I visit their profile and only I accept the person’s friend request when I saw that this person is known to me and connected socially. I believe most of you also do the same. Unknown person’s request should not be accepted as it can be a security threat. Accepted friend can see important information. So we need to be careful to accept friend request.
Normally it is very easy to see who sent friend request. Also it is easy to see suggested friend who may known. It is also possible to see friend request you have sent to someone but still pending. It is little triky to find pending request but not hard.

I have shown this step by step in the picture so that you can find now pending request. So log on to your account and click on Friend Request tab/icon.

Now you will find a tab open with friend request. Click on “See All” shown on the bottom of the picture.

Now click on “See Friend Requests” shown on below picture.

Yes! This is the place you will find to whom you have requested to be a friend but still pending as it is not accepted.

For any assistance about you may write below for solution. Thank you.

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