Marriott Rewards and SPG

Marriott is the one of big hotel chain in the world owning 19 hotel brands. Starwood is the another big hotel chain company owning 11 brands. Now Marriott and Starwood has marged together and now they are owning 30 brands where they have near 5,000 hotels in the world. Marriott has its own loyalty program called Marriott Rewards and Starwood has its own loyalty program SPG (Starwood Preferred Guest).

After marging, both program will work separately until 2018. However member can link their account, status match with highest tier and transfer their points between two accounts. After lingking, member can get the best benefits across the portfolio. Loyalty program Marriott Rewards account has its own login, points balance and associated hotels of Mariott International. Same goes for the SPG account. Remember that member can be a member of either Marriott Rewards or The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, but not both programs.

Member will continue to receive Rewards benefits at hotels participating in the Rewards program and SPG benefits at hotels participating in the SPG program. But member can’t earn or use benefits across programs — Rewards hotels will not offer SPG benefits and SPG hotels will not offer Rewards benefits.

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